The technology we use in meyo is based on the nutrigenética Metigentity tool, developed with the Laboratory of Molecular Biology Nutrition and Biotechnology of the University of the Balearic Islands. The research group of this laboratory, Nutrigenomics and Obesity, directed by Prof. Andreu Palou, focuses on the study of the mechanisms of body weight control and its alterations in obesity, in the control of energy homeostasis by nutrients and in aspects related to food safety and quality. Prof. Palou is an international reference in the context of research centers in Nutrigenetics and Personalized Nutrition.


Meyo Nutrition and Sports Kit is a service based on nutrigenetic test that analyzes characteristics present in the individual DNA and allows estimating the genetic predisposition to suffer from obesity and / or related diseases; It also allows defining dietary, sports and lifestyle guidelines more personalized to achieve specific objectives. The knowledge of gene variants (polymorphisms), their role in the control of body weight and their relationship with certain foods / nutrients allows the guidelines for a personalized diet to be established, helping to improve eating habits and quality of life .

What does the personalized nutrition that we apply in Mefood take into account?


Beyond the objective and the specific nutritional needs of each individual, personalized nutrition takes into account other factors that shape the day to day and therefore influence the ability to adhere to a diet of each patient. Some examples are:

- Food intolerances or allergies to consider

- The free time we have to dedicate ourselves and prepare the different recipes

- The emotional state at that specific moment

- Food tastes

- The work environment, since we spend most of the week at work and, therefore, the nutritional strategy must be able to adapt to it

- Genetics, since each person has different genes that determine the response to different nutrients or eating patterns. This science is called nutrigenetics.



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