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How do I purchase from your website?

Scroll over to the shop all section of our website, click on shop all. Then scoll over to the product you wish to purchase, click the product add the product to your shopping cart and select the payment option you wish to select. Please note that some payment options may not be avaiable for certain products depending on the sales price.

How do I purchase products that require cash, money order, personal check or wire transfer such as Western Union or Moneygram?

Simply contact our customer service department via email or chat live to arrange for the payment options stated above to made for the product you wish to purchase. Please note the product(s) you wish to purchase, will not be shipped until our payment processors have confirmed and processed payments. This includes all payments that are money orders, personal checks clearing our financial institutions. All other payments that instant such as cash, wire transfers through Western Union, Moneygram, bank to bank transfers, debit card and credit card purchases the product(s) will ship immediately. Payments which are processed through a online gateway provider such as Paypal, Stripe, Alipay may be subject to review.

Do you offer local pick up ?

For certain products, yes we do offer local pick up. Please contact our customer service department to find out if the item you wish to pick up, is available for local pick up

Is there limit to how many items I can purchase?

Yes there is a limit. For first clients the limit is one product per 45 days. After 45 business days has passed or if the first time buyer wishes to purchase a different type of product then the buyer may do so at the time of purchasing the first product. Example: If you have never purchased from our establishment before you will be permitted to purchase only one product per category for example one pair of shoes, one shirt, one dress may permitted to be purchased at one time. What will not be permitted would be one or more porducts in the same category. First time buyers may not make multi purchases in the same category due to high attempts for fraud activity, Any attempt to purchase more than one item and no previous buying history has not established by the buyer in question will result in that particular buyer being banned from our website and all of our affiliates. This policy has been put into place to limit the amount of fraud being attempted by fraudsters. Only rewards, Star members and / or buyers who have a proven buying track record with us, will be permitted to purchase more than one product at a time. Thus will not have a limit, as to how many products can be purchased at one time.

Do you offer services? If so what services do you offer ?

Yes we offer a variety of different services. We offer appraisal, marketing, consignment, consignor services, product installation and building services, computer tech and monitoring services, automotive motorcycle and boat repair and installation services, residential / commerical painting, drywall, cleaning, remodeling as well as global protection services

If I purchase a product and initiate a charge back what will happen?

We take disputes and chargebacks very seriously. We strive to provide the very best customer service humanly possible. If for any reason you the client are not happy with a order we do not offer refunds or returns however depending on the reason for your displeasure, we will make every effort to resolve the issue you have. However if forced to issue a refund through a credit card company or gateway payment processor, the client whom initiated a dispute or credit card chargeback, will not be permitted to purchase another product or service from our company or any of our affiliates again.

What will happen if I the customer buy a item from you, file a claim and or chargeback then return the product back you used, damaged or not in the exact same condition as I the customer originally purchased the product in ?

Fraud happens quite frequently these days, we understand that not all clients have good intentions. Therefore we carefully screen all clients, prior to purchasing our products and services and work closely with our gateway payment processors as well as local and government agencies to make sure all security measures are taken. Warning to all fraudsters and scam artists, if you attempt to commit any type of fraud we will alert your local authorities. As well as go to extradorinary lengths to prosecute all offenders to fullest extent of the law to bring you to justice.

What if I buy a product and receive it DOA ?

For most of our electronics that are custom built by our company, we do offer a full warranty. Free refund or replacement within 30 days of the original purchase. However it is impossible to know for certain when a electronic product is going to cease working. As is in life, we all never know how long we are going to live, so with that being said we offer absolutely no guarantees on the approximate shelf life of any electronic we market or sell.

What if I have a product I want to sell ?

Feel free to contact our customer service team. They will be happy to gather information from you to find out, if your product is worth buying or selling.

Do you offer referral programs ?

Yes we do offer several referral programs. Our newest referral programs offers buyers 20% off same day purchases! So that means if you purchase any product from us and refer a family or friend who purchases a similar product on the same day that you do then you will receive 20% off your next purchase. Please see our referral programs webpage for programs.

How does your rewards program work ?

Simple the more you buy, the more you save! Once you sign up for our rewards program, you will instantly start saving money. Every purchase equals 1 point the point scale is based on every 20 points example: to receive 10% off your next purchase you will have needed to made 10 purchases, to utilize your 10% discount. Same applies to 20% discount = 20 points which equals 20 purchases and so forth. Star members receive double points. So for example: if you are Gold star member, you will receive 2 points per purchase. As opposed to just 1 point in which a regular buyer would receive, so obviously it is much more beneficial to sign up to be a one of the following Gold, Platinum, Ultimate or Iconic star member

Do I have to use my rewards points to buy something ?

No you do not. You are in control! You can use your rewards point to apply towards hotel stays, vacations, road trips, fine dinning at resturants etc

Can my rewards points be transferred to someone else ?

No once a client has purchased from us rewards points can only be redeemed by that client.

Does rewards points expire ?

Yes rewards points are good for up until 90 days from your first from purchase. No matter how many rewards points you earn during your buying tier, after 90 days your rewards points will expire. Example: If you the client make ten purchases in the span of eight months with your first purchase on December 20, 2019 then starting on December 20, 2019 your rewards points will begin. You will have 90 days from December 20, 2019 to redeem your rewards points. You may choose to redeem a few all or none the choice is yours.

How does your appraisal system work ?

Our certified appraisal team, has a combined 879 years of antique collectors experience. Appraisal fee will depend on a variety of different factors. Appraisal fee will accessed at the beginning of our client's consultation is non refundable. Once the client agrees to have the appraisal conducted and paid for the appraisal, our certified appraisal specialist will conduct the appraisal. If requested by the client a wriiten appraisal may be issued, in addition to a verbal appraisal. Appraisals expire after 90 days.

Can more than one product be appraised ?

Yes however each product being appraised, will carry their own fees. Example: You request appraisals on four different collectibles a watch stove, shoes and automobile. All four collectibles, will be priced separately. Each collectible requiring a different fee than the next.

Do you have to have the product in your possession to give a appraisal ?

Yes our appraisal team will need the product in hand, in order to provide a accurate appraisal. You the client pay the shipping cost to ship the product to our appraisal faciliity. We will pay the shipping cost to send the product back to you.

Do you buy products, as well as sell them ?

Yes we buy products. Depending the product, as well as the fair market value we pay top dollar for certain items. If you have a product for sell, feel free to email or chat live with our customer service representatives.

What about lay away? Do you offer lay away ?

Yes we now offer lay away programs to help clients finance homes, vehicles, boats, land and commerical property. In addition to all of the other products, shown on our company website.

How does the lay away program work ?

Simple let us know which product or service you are interested in purchasing. We will present a monthly payment plan to you, if you agree we will enroll you into that plan. The agreement will be finalized by our management department if approved, your payments will begin as scheduled per agreement.

What happens if I the customer default on my lay away payments ?

You the client will be in default and in breach of contract. At that point in time the entire balance will be due, before the first day of next month. if the entire balance is not paid in full,, then all lay away payments will be forfeited.

Suppose I have a product or service that I want have marketed and or sold can you help me ?

Yes we can! We offer consingnment packages to all individuals and businesses who are looking to have their product(s) or services marketed by our establishment. Fees mary vary depending on the product(s) and / or services in question.

Do you offer refunds, returns or exchanges ?

No we do not. Fifthteen years ago we use to offer returns, refunds and / or exchanges but as of right now present day, there are far to many dishonest buyers in the world. As opposed to good honest buyers. Therefore as a business, we have to protect our investments. As noted via Paypal, Stripe, Craigslist, Alipay, Square, Squaretrade, Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon all products are sold as is and sold as shown and displayed in the photo scans that are posted. All products are accurately described in their description sections, located in the shop all section of our company website.

Do you offer customers offer incentives to buy from you besides rewards points and member programs ?

Yes we do! We offer our repeat clients free gift cards, free coupons and even surprise bonus discounts for our international shoppers.

What happens if I the customer receive a product or service that I the customer and not happy with ?

Here at Get Money Incorporated are first priority is YOU our number one goal is that you are satisfied but at the same token we also understand that everyone can not be pleased. So for those clients who are impossible to please and difficult to deal with, we simply ask that if there is a problem or issue with your order or service, simply reach out to us. We will do our very best to resolve whatever issues or concerns that you may have. Communication between you and us is critical, when attempting to come up with a avid solution that will be fair to both you and us.

What would be the process, if I the customer am interested in purchasing a home, automobile or boat?

The process is very simple either email us directly or contact one of our company representatives live via chat, to inquiry about the home, automobile or boat that you are interested in purchasing. All vehicles and boats may be purchased at full price or you are welcome to submit a best offer. If your best offer or full price offer accepted, payment will need to be made prior to receiving the title from us. Real estate property is a slightly different matter. Since we market real estate property that we both own and consign the real estate properties that we own, we will sell to you the buyer directly. For real estate property that would be consignment real estate property, we will contact the owner on your behalf to submit your full price offer or best offer. If either your full price offer or best offer is accepted by the owner, your offer will be approved and the transaction will be finalized between you the buyer and the seller.

Do you offer weekly, bi - weekly specials or monthly specials ?

Yes we do! Depending on the holiday, we offer up to 80 % off select products and services! Even though holidays are only for one calendar day, most of our specials generally last for the whole entire month! Giving you the consumer enough time to get in on the savings! Also if you are club member, Gold, Platinum, Ultimate or even Silver you will save even more money. To sign up to beocome a member, simply click the live chat button located on the home page of our wesite. On the lower bottom right hand side of your screen, selet the chat option to chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Do you offer telephone customer support ?

Yes we do! We have operators standing by during normal business hours to help assist with any questions you may have. Feel free to call us directly at 610 737 - 6435

What if I have trouble purchasing a product from your company website?

Due to the large amount of orders being placed online, sometimes you may encounter a error page when attempting to purchase a product or service from our company website. If you receive a error message when attempting to buy, please contact our customer service department either by live chat, direct email or telephone. Once you have reached out to our customer service department, they will be more than happy to send you Paypal invoice to pay for the product or service, you would like to purchase.


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