Mefood SL and its main commercial brands Mefood Pro and Oorenji focus their activity on the development of computer tools and innovative technologies related to nutrition and health, with the aim of facilitating through the use of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) tools and advances in omic technologies, the monitoring and learning of a diet and a personalized, balanced lifestyle adapted to the characteristics of each individual.

Mefood is a digital platform and oorenji a Virtual Assistant materialized in an App for mobile devices, which between the two personalize the diet and offer advice in real time on healthy lifestyle habits, based on scientific analysis tools (nutritional, genetic, metabolomic ...), sensors that collect variables related to lifestyle (quality of sleep, physical activity, stress ...) and artificial intelligence (AI).

As a whole, they facilitate the monitoring of a healthy, highly personalized lifestyle and help prevent pathologies, carrying out an efficient health education based on the latest advances in precision nutrition, food preferences / aversions, allergies / intolerances, schedules, budget and type of diet that the user wishes to follow, either by himself ( Oorenji ) or through a health professional ( Mefood Pro ).

In order to reach the level of personalization, we use specially designed genetic and metabolic analysis kits.


What features do our tests have:


  1. Based on consistent and applicable scientific evidence

  2. They facilitate the interpretation of published information

  3. Provide understandable evidence-based integration

  4. They seek holistic approach

  5. They allow access to personalized services and treatments (personalized nutrition)

  6. They give guarantees of their quality (determinations, laboratory, assessment, ...)


Mefood kits give us information on the impact that different nutrients, foods or diets can have on your body and can identify opportunities to improve your metabolic regulation and reduce specific risk factors associated with your particular diet and lifestyle.


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